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What Is SEO?
According To My Own Defenition, SEO Stands For “Search Engine Optimization.” It Is The Process Of Getting Traffic From The “Free,” “Organic,” “Editorial” OR “Natural” Search Results On Search Engines. All Major Search Engines Such As Google, Bing And Yahoo Have Rrimary Search Results, Where Web Pages And Other Content Such As Videos OR Local Listings Are Shown And Ranked Based On What The Search Engine Considers Most Relevant To Users.
Payment Isn’t Involved, As It Is Paid For Advertising (Ads, Advert, Etc)
SEO Basic Foundation
When I Said "Seo Basic Foundation" , I Mean The Basic Tools And Requirement To Tackle SEO. Therefore, I Will Summarise It All In Simple And Understanding Way For General Use. As You Know That Traffic Is Generally Needed For Sites Either Blog, Portal OR Forum, Anytype Of Sites Not Minding The Host Either Free Hosting OR Paid Hosting (Wapka, Php, Xtgem, Blogspot, Wordpress, Etc), This Tips Will Guide You And Enlighten You On Basic Things You Need Know And Work To Be Among The Best. This Are What I Think You Should Work On To Buckle Up Your Search Engines Results.
1-Create Your Niche: When It Comes To Niche, I Think This Is Were Many People Becomes Confusing Since They Dont Know What To Based On If It Is News, Music, Videos, Games, About Technology, Entertaiment, Stories, Graphics Or Applications. There Are Many Popular Sites Dealing With News, Music And Others Already, So You Have To Created Your Own Unique Niche Either On Games Or Stories Depending On Your Area Of Specialization And Available Resources (Where To Be Getting Content To Feeding Your Wap Members/Users) Because Each Site Is Known For His Own Niche E.g For Images, Naijaloaded & Tooxclusive Other Music Sites For Music, Waptrick For General Niche (Mobile Games, Mobie Videos, Foreign Music, Mobile Applications, Wallpaper, Ringtones And Many More) So Therefore, Look For What Is Not Common Or What Is Common That You Can Handle Better And Be Known For It So As To Achieve Your Aim
2-Regular Updates:After Creating Your Website Based On Niche, You Have To Be Updating It So That Your Website Will Be Active And Getting Visitors (Both Return Visitors And Search Engines Visitors). And What I Mean By Regular Upadates Is That You Should Try And Be Updating Your Site Frequently With Reasonable Topics Or Post (If Its A Forum Based Site Like Nairaland).
Because Remember "People Do Leave Site That Is Not Updated Daily And Visit The One That Is Daily Updated" Not Minding If It Is Old Or New Site And Also Remember That Before You Created Your Website, Many Website Have Been Existing And Yet They Still Keep Up Moving On And Stil Active Till Date. Creating A Website And Looking For Traffic Is Like Challenging Those Existed Sites That Has Been Created 6years, 5years, 3years, 10years Ago And So On, Battling With Them On Search Engine And Looking For Active Users Or Members. For You To Be Fitted In, You Must Surely Keep Your Site Alive With Daily Updates And People Will Be Visiting And Knowing Your Site More And More For Its Regular Updates
3-Mobile Friendly:There Is No Doubt That 90% Of Website Visitor Were Making Use Of Mobile Phones To Surf Website Pages. Therefore, You Have To Make It Mobile Friendly (Easy To Be Accessed On Any Browsing Phone) And It Also Help In Boosting In Terms Of Search Results Made On Search Engines.
4-Submitting Sites To Google Webmaster Tools: Adding Sites To Google Webmaster Tools Is Not Applicable To All Sites But If Your Sites Created On Wapka ( Platform, Wordpress, Xtgem, Php, Pbnl And Others, It Is Applicable While Some Sites Doesn't Even Need To Because Whether They Submit It Or Not, There Site Will Be Index On Search Engine. You Can Also Click Submit Url To Submit Your Site Url For Fast And Auto Indexing.
5-Use Of Meta Tags:When Its Comes Meta Tags (Clickable) , Believe It Or Not, Over 80% Of All People Use Search Engines To Find Information On The Internet. About 60% Of Them Use The Search Engine Called Google. Hardly Anyone Knows Your Internet Domain Name But Often They Do Know The Business You Are In. Everyday, New Internet Techniques Are Introduced So Many That It's Hard To Keep Up. Meta Tags Are A "Traditional" Technique And Have Already Been In use For A Long Time. In SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Meta Tags Still Play An Important Role. Especially The Use Of The Meta Description Is Very Important. This Tag Is Shown By Search Engines As A Small Text Item In The Search Results. Make Sure That The Meta Tags On Your Website Are Unique For Each And Every Page And Try To Make Them As Attractive As Possible. Both A Relevant Title Tag And The Description Tag Will Have To Persuade A Visitor To Click On The Link In The Search Results. Research Shows That Only 20% Of All Web Pages Contain These Important Meta Tags In Their HTML And Over 85% Of These Websites Are Unfit To Be Submitted To The Search Engines.
6-Backlinks: Backlinks Are Also Called "Inbound Link, They Help In Terms Of Increasing Website Page Rank And Page Rank Is Also One Of The Major Equitpment That Helps In Boosting One's SEO. So I Guess You Should Work On Backlinks Too.
7-Approach keywords strategically: Without Proper Keyword Research, Any SEO Campaign Is Doomed To Failure. Keyword Research Sets The Stage And Lays The Ground Work For An SEO Campaign. Take A Vague Keyword Phrase Like “Dog Food.” This Might Be Used By People Seeking Information On Dog Food Or News About It (such as recalls). But A Specific Keyword Phrase Such As “Buy Raw Dog Food” Is More Likely To Be Selected By Someone Who’s Ready To Buy A Specific Type Of Canine Chow. Keyword Phrases Should Be As Specific To Your Company As Possible And Have An easy, Conversational Sound Not A Marketing Vibe. Just Consider How You Search For Things Online. Perhaps More Important Than Selecting Specific Phrasing, However, Is Not Becoming Paralyzed Or Slowed Down By The Temptation To Achieve Perfection In Keyword Optimization For Every Text-Based Piece Of Content You Publish. While Keywords Form The Basis Of An Effective Understanding Of SEO and Competition For SEO A Target Market, Trying For A 1st Search-Engine Ranking (Or Even For A Top 10 Spot) For Your Website Niche’s Top Keyword Is Usually Extremely Difficult When You're Starting An SEO Campaign In A Field With Competitors Who Have Been Doing This For A While. Instead, Take A Long-Tail Aproach To Keywords. Consistently Publish As Much Amazing & Incredible Content As You Can, Which Naturally will Include keywords, And You’ll Capture Long-Tail Search Traffic. This Type Of Traffic Tends To Come From Keywords You Would Probably Never Find During The Research Phase And That Are Often More Targeted, Resulting In Better Conversion rates.
8-Strictly Adhere To An Originality Rule: When It Comes To SEO, Originality Refers To Duplicate Content Or The Same Text Existing At Two Different URLs. Something That You Should Always Avoid Is Republishing Articles From Other Sites Is Not Only A Potential Copyright Infringement, But It Also Creates Duplicate Content, Which Can Ruin Your Site’s Search Rankings. Check To See If Your Site Has Duplicate Content By Using Tools Like Copy Scape, Site Liner And Screaming Frog. Find More Details About How To Identify And Remove Duplicate Content On Your Own.
9-Optimize Your Site’s Load Speed: A Site's Load Speed Is A Factor In Search-Engine Rankings And It Also Affects The Rates Of Converting Visitors To Customers. Amazon Calculated That A One Second Increase In Page While Other Studies Have Shown 40% Of Website Visitors Abandon A Site That Takes Longer Than Three Seconds To Load. Still, Most Webmasters Fail To Put Enough Effort Into Optimizing Their Site’s Load Speed. Start By Checking Your Site's Load Time By Using A Tool Like Pingdom Which Will Give You A Breakdown Of Each Element And How Long It Took To Load. Use The Resulting Information To Optimize Images Or Pieces Of Code That Are Causing Long Load Times. Upgrading Your Web Host From A Shared Server To A Dedicated Or Virtual Private Network (VPN) Setup Can Significantly Reduce Load Times Too.
10-Be Natural: If You Feel Like You Have To Wedge A Keyword Into A Sentence, You’re Approaching SEO With The Wrong Mind-set. Where As Keyword Density Was A Popular Concept Five Years Ago, It’s Irrelevant Now. Instead, Focus On Creating Content That Your Readers Will Find Valuable. If A Sentence Sounds Unnatural Because You’re Trying To Optimize It For Search Engines, Change It. Search Engines Are Cracking Down Harder Than Ever Before On Keyword Stuffing, So Such Tactics Are Likely To Cause Your Rankings To Fall And Annoy Anyone Who Tries To Read Your Content, killing Your Credibility. You Don’t Have To Spend Money On An SEO Expert To Dramatically Improve Your Search Visibility. Simple Steps Can Achieve Major SEO Boosts. In The End, SEO Is All About Improving The Usability And User Experience Of Your Website. Any Change That Makes Your Visitors Happier Is Likely To Make Search Engines Happier. So SEO Is Really About Making People Happy And That Should Make Us All Happy.
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